Famous Places in the world For Airplanes Teaching

If you want to learn more about aeroplanes, then the best way to grab all the related knowledge is to get yourself enrolled in an aviation institute. There are various things that you will learn in aviation studies that are Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Management, and Air Traffic control. 

Aviation experts are demanded all over the world and have a high salary as well. However, it gets hard to decide which country you should head to for aviation studies. We have mentioned below a few countries that are the best destination for joining an aviation program.

Top Places for Aviation Studies

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the world’s oldest independent air force known as the Royal Air Force, and it has a rich history in aviation. The country has celebrated its 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. This is precisely why the UK also has the world’s best aviation institutes that include;

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy 

This aviation academy is a combination of both ground school-course work and flying instructions. They do not have only one campus, and they are also serving in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Brussels, India, Belgium, Australia, USA, and Singapore. 

This makes their network massive, and they are the world’s largest Aviation Academy. They have more than 170 aircraft along with a capacity to train more than 2000 cadets per year.

Newcastle College

Newcastle college is offering two different courses in aviation that include BSc Honours in Aircraft Engineering along with BA Honours in Airline and Airport Management. The former of the programs, as mentioned above, is a three-year program that will enable the candidate to be able to perform aircraft maintenance. 

It will also make sure that the candidate has covered all the requirements that are mentioned by the European Aviation Safety Agency. However, the latter one will enable the candidate to be positioned at any managerial post.

Olympus Aviation Academy

This Academy is founded by veteran civil aviation flight instructors and airforce fighters. This Academy operates in Greece LGTS airport, which is the second biggest airport with hefty traffic.


The Philippines can provide you with world-class facilities in the aviation industry. They have Skybird Aviation Group and All Asia Aviation Academy to serve you with the necessary training so that you can excel in the aviation industry. They have a very light traffic density which allows you a lot of training hours along with comparatively less interruption while learning to fly.

AIS Flight Academy – Netherlands

Netherland provides you with 22 months of a training program which offers you a combination of theoretical and practical training. They also provide a cadet scheme that works in a partnership with AIS airlines. The best part about the AIS Flight Academy is it provides free visa support for all the international students making it very feasible for joining.

The Kenya School of Flying – Kenya

This aviation school is located at Nairobi’s Wilson airport. It also has different flight bases that include Malindi, Orly park, and Ukunda airstrip. They have allowed their students both kinds of training, including simulations and practically flying aircraft. This allows the candidate to grab all the skills they might require to fly a plane.


The origin of Aviation studies belongs to the US, and the country has a distinguished history of Aeronautical studies.

Epic Flight Academy

This Academy is located in Sunny, Florida. Epic Flight Academy offers various aviation training courses being aligned with the world’s most foremost authorities like Civil Aviation authority. 

Asian Academy of Aeronautics – Maldives 

This Academy is located at the southernmost atoll In the archipelago, Maldives. They offer various plans including Flight Instructor Course, Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Rating 9 MER, and Private Pilot’s Licence.

Summing Up

It is the perfect time to decide which country you want to travel to while pursuing the goal of your life. All of these locations offer the best aeroplane-related knowledge in their aviation academies. You can decide between the sites mentioned above most feasible for you to move to.

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