Commander 114.

The Commander Premier Aircraft Corporation is a smaller producer of general aviation aircraft in today’s market, but this doesn’t mean they produce junk. Commander Premier Aircraft are some of the best out there, based on the same technology as the P51 Mustang, one of the first aircraft this company ever produced decades ago. The Commander-series aircraft is the flagship model produced by Commander Premier and the Commander 114 is one of the best available.
The Commander 114’s legacy begins with the Commander 112, one of the first single engine aircraft produced by Commander Premier Aircraft. The Commander 114 is the second to last model in the Commander series and boasts a modern cockpit, upgraded seating and improved handling. The Commander 114 is perfect for flying in mild winds, rain and clear skies.
In addition to the features offered by the Commander 112, the Commander 114 has a range of around 800 miles and flies with over 260 horsepower. There’s also a turbocharged option that improves the service ceiling and enhances flight operations. With a proven service record, the Commander 112 can fly for over 2000 miles before requiring a service overhaul.
The Commander 114 is often looked at on the runway as a premier comfort aircraft. The internal cabin of the Commander 114 is one of the most comfortable available on the market. The Commander 114 comes equipped with overstuffed plush seats, leather options, molded framing and reclining seats. For a modest used price of around $320,000 the Commander 114 can fit almost any budget.

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