The Mooney 305 Rocket– How To Buy A Good Used One.

The Mooney M20K is known as one of the most successful single engine aircraft series ever built. Produced for almost 20 years, the Mooney M20K was modified in partnership with the Rocket Engineering Corp in 1990.
The Rocket Engineering Corp produced the model known today as the M20K 305 “Rocket”. While the Mooney K20K is known for its speed and power, the Mooney M20K Rocket model surpasses all 20K series performance specifications. As a result, this smaller production aircraft has a specialized niche market that can become addictive for pilots who love performance and power.

The Mooney M20K 305 Rocket delivers a grand 228 knots of speed with a climb rate of 1600 feet per second. The single engine aircraft comes complete with a massive 305 horsepower Continental TSIO-520-NB engine and 3-blade propeller.
Also, this super high performance aircraft could go as high as 31000 feet, delivering maximum range at the fastest time of around two hours flight time. While the aircraft is not pressurized, it does come with a supplemental oxygen system to support short term duration flights at this altitude.

In today’s general aviation market, the Mooney Acclaim delivers comparable performance to the M20K Rocket version. A major consideration is the fact that the Rocket costs about one-third of a new Mooney Acclaim.
This coupled with a very reliable service record makes the Rocket very attractive for new pilots who want speed and power over large payload weight and range. Accordingly, the Rocket also burns fuel very fast and is designed as a powerhouse, not a private commercial shuttle. .

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