The M20C Mark 21.

Mooney is one of the top performance general aviation aircraft producers in the world. Since 1955, Mooney has been creating aircraft with one goal in mind: performance and speed.
The earliest Mooney models didnít sacrifice speed and performance for cabin comfort (a common aviation industry move during this time). Instead, Mooney stayed true to their engineering ideal of delivering sporty airplanes that were reliable and superior.
The Mooney M20C Mark 21 was produced beginning in 1962 with a standard 180 horsepower Lycoming engine. Unlike other models, the Mark 21 variant is one of the most prolifically produced single engine aircraft in the Mooney lineage. Well over 3000 Mark 21s were produced during the 1960s, placing this aircraft at the top of the list for consumer success.
The M20C design is specifically geared towards pilots who want more performance and less cabin space. The shorter fuselage of the M20C Mark 21 allows pilots to take off in very little space and have higher takeoff power in high-density environments. On the flip side, the Mark 21 is not optimized for four-passenger transport, a common complaint among unknowing buyers.
When finding a M20C Mark 21, be sure to check engine history (overhaul required around every 1800 hours of flight time) and check for upgraded avionics. The older Mooney model avionics are often very challenging to new pilots.
Upgraded systems will cost a little more upfront but will make flying more enjoyable and safer. Finally, ensure your prospective model has electrical gear (flap and landing) retrofitted for your ease. You can buy older models without upgrades, but these are more for historical collectors than active flyers.

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