What You Should Know When Purchasing 
An M20E Super 21.

Mooney’s fleet of aircraft has changed quite a bit from their first 1955 wooden airplane model. By 1964, Mooney was producing the M20E series of aircraft that paved the way for the first truly high performance general aviation planes.
 In 1964, Mooney released the “Super 21”, a M20E variant that boasted an altitude boost for enhanced performance and competed with the first Piper series.
The M20E Super 21 is not a large aircraft by any general aviation standards. In fact, this aircraft is considered one of the shortest aircraft on the market, requiring the shortest runway takeoff distance in the general aviation industry. This is a plus to private pilots looking to install and use their own strip.
As with all M20E models, the Super 21 also has the characteristic aerodynamic challenges all early Mooney models possess, along with nonstandard avionics. The M20E Super 21 is a challenge to fly with IFR, something every newer and inexperienced pilot should note before flying this model.
For the Mooney enthusiast, these disadvantages are quickly overlooked. The Super 21 delivers a packed performance of 200 horsepower, with an available turbocharge option that most used Mooney aircraft will have today.
The extra time spent during flight checkout unscrewing the extra parts of the Mooney aircraft is well worth the powerful performance pilots experience with this small aircraft. Of note, though this aircraft claims to be four-passenger capable, the cabin is most comfortable with one passenger only.
Super 21’s extended five-hour flight time makes this airplane a true cross-country capable vehicle. Don’t let this aircraft’s age fool you. This airplane is just as capable as many of the newer Mooney models from the 1980s and beyond for a fraction of the price.  

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