Buying A Used Mooney Mooney M20J 201 The Right Way.

The Mooney M20Js are beloved in the general aviation industry. The M20Js are often selected for their proven Mooney performance and enhanced cabin comfort. Mooney’s M20J 201 model excels in all performance specifications, with improved rate of climb and even higher fuel efficiency than the M20J MSE model.
Better yet, the 201 offers a heavier payload limit and heavier airframe that flies well even in turbulence conditions. Few used single engine aircraft on the market today can match the performance of the 201 model.
From the second you open the M20J’s cabin door, you realize the key differences in the M20J 201 model from other models. The 201 comes complete with basic T-style configuration avionics, and many of the upgraded models on today’s market even come with digital avionics and built-in GPS.
If you prefer IFR flight, the Mooney M20J was the first model produced to match the aviation industry’s “standard” avionics display. Many pilots will not purchase an older Mooney simply because models before the M20J 201 had cumbersome avionics that made IFR extremely difficult.
The 201 model has a very close cockpit relationship with the controls. This aircraft places the pilot right in front of the gauges. Some pilots prefer this while some don’t. Flying the M20J prior to purchasing is essential to decide if this style is the right one for you.
Finally, the cabin of the 201 model is unmatched! The 201 offers leather-plush seating, cleaner lines and smoother landing gear than any other used M20 series. Enhanced spacing also allows pilots to carry larger passengers, making this plane a great investment for the family who loves to fly together. . 

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