Mooney M20J MSE.

Among general aviation Mooney enthusiasts, the M20J MSE is considered one of the best Mooney models ever produced. While this model isnít the fastest Mooney or the most powerful, the M20J MSE is the culmination of all the best features Mooney offers. This model is so well designed that many pilots opt to purchase the less expensive M20J over the later more expensive models.
Some of the advantages this aircraft provides is improved aerodynamic handling, better fuel use and more efficient cruising power at 160 KTAS. While most Mooneys are purchased because they are the epitome of single engine aircraft powerhouses, the Mooney M20J is perfect for the pilot looking for both function and form in their aircraft.
Better yet, many pilots prefer the Mooney M20J MSE model because of its superior cabin comfort. Most Mooney models are built around pilot and aircraft performance. This sacrifices large cabin space and many of the traditional comfort items passengers crave.
This Mooney aircraft doesnít sacrifice any of this. Rather, the M20J comes complete with cabin support for up to four passengers, better seating construction, rounded windows and more overall space.
Combined with the more aerodynamic modeling, the M20J can deliver almost four hours of flight on a full tank of gas. This is unmatched in most modern Mooney models that burn fuel fast and hard.
The Mooney M20J MSE model combines the best loved features of Mooney performance and better cabin comfort. Pilots love this model and are willing to pay for it. On todayís market, you can buy a well-maintained Mooney M20J MSE for around $180,000 t0 $225,000.

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