Buying A Mooney M20K That Is For Sale .

Mooney M20 series aircraft are known as the gold standard of all power-packed single engine aircraft in the general aviation industry. Pilots who want speed and power flock to the Mooney M20 series, for both engineering excellence and the wide price range that can match almost any aviation budget. The Mooney M20K is one series that was produced for almost twenty years between 1979 to 1998 and still serves as the standard for general aviation speed.
The M20K’s predecessor, the M20J, possessed a four cylinder Lycoming engine that sometimes left pilots wanting more power during climb and takeoff. Mooney answered this consumer need with the Mooney M20K, which was the first Mooney model that had a full six-cylinder Lycoming engine. Better yet, many of the Mooney M20K possessed turbocharged engines, which gave pilots even more speed and power during all phases of flight.
Carrying up to four passengers, the M20K is one of the most widely available and sought after Mooney models on the market. Pilots have loved this Mooney aircraft and as such, there are countless customizations available to fit any budget.
The base M20K provides a top speed of around 250 mph and carries around 210 horsepower. This aircraft’s only consumer complaint is the small available space within the cabin. Remember, the Mooney M20K was built for speed and performance- not as a comfort aircraft for private transport.
This aircraft is also known for its excellent service record. The well-cooled engine and efficient fueling system leads to well-scheduled engine turnover that doesn’t break before its time. This excellent service predictability makes this a great aircraft for those with a tight aviation budget. You won’t have any surprises when flying the Mooney M20K.  

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