Piper Super Cub For Sale

If You Can Find A Good Piper Super Cub That Is For Sale -
You Might Want To Buy It!

Most people get the "Super Cub" confused with the original "Piper Cub." They are actually two very different aircrafts and really the only thing similar is the looks and the name.

The regular Piper Cub was made from 1938 to 1947 and then production was stopped. Where as the "Super" Cub went into production in 1949 till 1983 & then from 1988 to 1994.

The stock Super Cub was equipped with a 150 hp engine and some were later upgraded to a 180 hp engine. The regular "Cub" has a 65 hp engine! Big difference between the two.

The "super" version has great performance specifications for its class. You'll probably see a cruise speed about about 100 knots & a range of about 400 nm. That is pretty good for a little 2 seater that was originally designed in the late 1940's.

The nice thing about this model is the ability you have to take it into tough areas that most other 2 seater's in it's class can't go. Because of the horsepower you can put floats on it, ski's for winter and with it being a tail-dragger you can land it on dirt and grass strips fairly easy.

The other benefit of this model is the fact that you can take the thing off in about 200 feet and land it within about 300 feet. That is why it is such a popular airplane! A lot of people who is into outdoor activities really love the versatility of this aircraft.

One of the hardest things about buying a Piper Super Cub that is for sale is actually finding one for an affordable price. When these models come on the market they are picked up really quickly and when needed are restored or rebuilt. Also, because they are somewhat cheap to keep, when a pilot gets one even though he or she may not fly it, they still keep it cause it is likely to go up in value.

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